Julia Murphy’s Dreamweaver Site is my favorite project.

Julia Murphy’s design for her dreamweaver site is my favorite  project from the class. I chose her website out of all of the other projects because her’s was the most simple yet creative. Her website design reminds me of something off of my visual aesthetic. I think this is why I really like her website. I appreciate art that is clear-cut, simple and bright, yet functional.  Her website succeeds in not only that but, elegance, professionalism and beauty as well. 

For Julia Murphy’s dreamweaver headers she took several pictures of a sunflower from different angles. The angles included, a shot of just the pedals, the pedals and the center, and the pedals from different areas on the sunflower. She placed the bright sunflower pictures on a beautiful pastel purple colored background. The yellow and purple blend together smoothly. She also placed a white glow around the sunflower, which makes the flower pop. The sunflower stands out, as if it was actually in front of you.

 Another technique she used that I liked was her color scheme. She chose 5 colors to use throughout her entire website. The colors were yellow, purple, grey, white and pink. The colors work well together and are all bright. Those colors, as well as the sunflower photos, work together to create a fresh spring or radiant summer  feel to her website. She committed to using those colors, which made her website more consistent. The consistency in colors also made it easier to navigate throughout her website.

The font she used was a very simple one. However, the simple font works well. It is easy to read and pops out,  just as the sunflower does. She made a wise choice of making her font white, for several reasons. One reason, the white font is easy to read on the grey background, as well as on sunflower and on the purple background. Secondly, the color white is pure, which adds to her spring/summer feel.

Nonetheless, the organization of her website is wonderful. Besides the organizational skills professor Triche provided us, Julia created more ways to keep her website organized. On her home page she mentions all of her tabs and what they each contain. For example, she specifically states that under the resume tab is her resume. Simple things like that make for easier navigation through her website, for those who aren’t in our class.

Below is her website:


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Documentary Assignment

For this assignment, I interviewed a co-worker of mine, Julie Schnabel. She was just promoted to General Manager at WSOE, the on campus radio. I thought it would be interesting to do an opening interview with her about her experiences with WSOE and her new position. The interview was fluent, as if it was a conversation. She answered the questions throughly and precisely. Her bubbly and sweet personality added more fun to the interview.

From this assignment I discovered an interest in conducting interviews. I could see myself doing something of this nature when I am older.

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Silent Video/ Assignment #8

When choosing our actors, we chose friends who were easy to get along with and cooperative. Our actors were well-behaved. We only had to take a few shots of each scene because our actors were so great. Brandon and I gave our actors little direction. At times we gave them advice to make the shot more effective, but other than that, we had great actors.

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Music Video

Above is a music video Brandon Marshall and I created. Our theme for the music video is the intense practice needed to play basketball. We displayed several actors practicing basketball. My favorite filter in Final Cut Pro was the saturation filter. Our first clip in the video displays this filter. We used several other filters and effects as you will see in our video. There were some other effects that seemed cool, but we did not use them because they did not fit with the theme of our video.

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Final Cut Pro

In Final Cut Pro I had problems with my video stopping in the middle due to “Untilted RT.” In order to solve this problem, I had to insert all of my video clips again. Placing transitions in the video was also difficult for me because I couldn’t get them to play. However, I did have fun editing this project. It took lots of time and patience.

Picture 2

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My Website

This here is my website I am working on. Once I become more familiar with Dreamweaver I hope to make my page much more interesting. I also would like to add more of my work onto the website. Once I have more material on my page, I will link my website with my Facebook so all of my family and friends can take a look. In the future, I would also like to add more “me” to the website by placing things I find interesting on my website .

Picture 2

My website can be found at student.elon.edu/bhamilton2 .

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Advertisement Assignment

The three photoshop tools I used the most during this assignment include: the Stamp Tool, Spot Healing Brush, and the Magic Wand tool.

I used the stamp tool to remove a floral design from the wooden desk. I used the spot healing brush, as well, to remove the floral design from the desk. I also used the spot healing tool to remove dirt spots from the white paper. I used the magic wand tool to remove unwanted items from the picture. Hamiltonproductjpeg

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The most difficult part of this assignment was deciding which product to photograph. Once I chose my product, it was interesting thinking of ways to portray the subject. This assignment was exciting to shoot because I had full control over the subject and how I wanted the photograph to look.

From the shoot, this is one of my favorite photos. My reasoning, the only pencil labeled “crayola ” is in focus. The yellow and blue pencil make converging lines to draw your eye to the pencil labeled “crayola.”


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Assignment #2


The picture above is my favorite from the assignment. The shadows on her face and on the left side of her hair add a scary aspect to her fearful face.

The most difficult part of this project was shooting the cameo. My group and I failed to realize that a black background was needed. After struggling for a few minutes, we then realized we needed a black background. Once we realized we needed a black background, shooting the cameo was a breeze.

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Documentary Photography

Shooting documentary photographs was harder then I expected it to be. The task itself wasn’t difficult, the subjects made it difficult. When the subjects saw me shooting they stopped their normal reality moves and looked at me to see why I was shooting them. I then explained to them my motive, and they understood. However, trying to recapture their action was difficult because the second time around the photographs began to look staged.

My favorite picture reflects three Elon students eating lunch outdoors, enjoying the warm weather. It appears as if the male subject is telling a story and the two female subjects are listening in enjoyment. The triangle shape is present all throughout this photo providing closure. There is also contrast between the subjects clothes and table. As well as, the brick wall behind them.Hamilton1

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